• Makeup shouldn't be difficult.



    Have you ever walked into a makeup store or department store and had a panic attack? Not sure what to buy and how to use it?


    Most people have never actually been taught how to use products. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Let's start from the ground up and figure out together what is best for you and how to use it in your daily routine!



    One on One Beauty Consulting

    Followed by a brief online survey you will go through your kit with Erin and discover what you need and what you don't.  You'll shop for the new items from drugstore to high end depending on your budget!

    One on One Beauty Tutoring

    Learn how to use your newly purchased products or finally figure out that cat eye.  Maybe you want to discover how to get out of the neutral zone and wear more color.  No worries, I got you!

    Makeup Application

    Need a makeup artist for your photo shoot or wedding?  I'm your gal.  If you don't have time to learn how to get pretty easy yourself, I'll do it for you!

    Master Classes

    For groups of 6-12
    Want to get a bunch of girls together and learn together?  We'll go through a 5 minute face to a Night Out on the Town face and practice together!

    Quick & Dirty Social Media Headshots

    Applying for a job?  Your prospective employer is going to google you.  Is your online presence on point?  Get a good online profile pic NOW!

    You're awesome. Let's keep in touch.











    I'm blushing...

    Leanne Shear

    Co-founder, Uplift Studios
    New York, NY

    I have gotten my makeup done tons of times and I loved Erin's thoroughness and professionalism and most importantly, how I looked with very little input on my part--she was able to "read" my face and also concurrently know what looks good on camera, which is huge!
    --Quick note from Erin...UPLIFT Studios is a MUST in NYC!  The best workouts for women with the BEST trainers and classes.  I love Uplift and I always feel good inside and out when I am there!

    Bryndee Carlson

    Leader in Finance
    New York, NY

    I’ve been wearing make-up for 15+ years and was never taught the basic techniques of wearing bronzer, eye-shadow or even lipstick. Sure, I made due but a one-hour make-up tutorial session with Pretty Easy made all the difference. Erin was able to tell me what works, what doesn’t and what is a must-have in my make-up collection. The best part is that Pretty Easy reviews a wide range of brands, so whether you shop at the drugstore, department store, beauty boutiques or online they can meet your needs. For the knowledge and skill level you can’t beat the price! I can’t wait to go shopping with Erin to find some new goods! Thank you Pretty Easy for this amazing experience.

    Lesley McKinnel

    Actor | Owner Drama Llama Studios
    New York, NY

    Pretty Easy is the PERfect combination of consultation & information. I'm the kind of makeup neophyte who cringes at the thought of having to pick out lipstick colors, but Erin makes it so EASY by studying your makeup needs & facial composition & then accompanying you TO the store and making those informed decisions FOR you. It's GREAT. It took all the stress off me directly and I came out of the store with amazing new makeup products that were perfectly suited to my personal needs. Erin made it PRETTY EASY for me, and it was worth it to say the least not to have to any of the work myself!  www.lesleymckinnell.com 

    Caroline Welty

    Citi ICG Risk HR | Triathlete & NYC social guru
    New York, NY

    Erin is a very skilled makeup artist. She matched my color tones and skin type perfectly and applied the makeup so that it looked amazing but natural at the same time. I highly recommend her, she is a delight to be around and gives you tips of products and colors that would be good to use on a daily basis.

    A. Wilson

    Actor Extraordinaire / Newsies Broadway Tour
    New York, NY

    I tend to be a person that is majorly lacking in the self-confidence department, and I am also severely self-deprecating, but I felt like I was walking on air with how sensational Erin made me feel about myself! And you could not deny the jaw-dropping work she did on me. I was turning heads left and right! And instead of hiding in my shell, I strutted around Manhattan knowing that Erin Wilson brought out the inner fierce tiger in me ready to pounce on every opportunity coming my way!

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  • OH HEY!

    Erin Wilson

    Founder, Wears All Hats
    A self proclaimed product junkie, makeup artist and professional actress.  Not a day has gone by when someone doesn't ask Erin what products she needs, and VOILA  Pretty Easy was born! 
    I want you to feel your best and know what you are doing in the makeup arena.  Getting ready should be fun and playful and NOT STRESSFUL!  So, lets get you pretty easy, k?

    Tips & Tricks Tuesday // Pretty Easy